I love Toronto

I love Toronto, yes more than Houston, I admitted it. Toronto has become one of my favorite cities in North America and here is why. 

1. Culture. Every street in this city has character. If you really plan it out, you can experience something new every weekend in a different part of the city.You can find people from every country in the world living in Toronto. The ethnic diversity is so deep and rich that it can be seen in the number of festivals and restaurants throughout the city. 
2. Restaurants. I am not a foodie but love trying out new places in the city with my husband. We frequently turn to Blog TO for recommendations for all the “Best of Toronto” lists the blog features.

3. Seasons. I love that I get to experience all four seasons as this is something entirely new to me in Toronto. I especially love the Fall and the beautiful colors around the city, which we often enjoy by going on long walks to view all the beautiful fall foliage around the city. 

4. Museums. My favorite museum is the recently opened, Aga Khan Museum which houses Islamic Art in a beautifully designed building and If you haven’t been, you must visit. In fact, every Wednesday between 6PM-8PM you can visit the museum for free. Check out the video below on the Museum. 

5. Convenience. I love that if you don’t have a car you can get around the city and surrounding towns with no problem, with the exception of train and bus delays. Also, I love that Toronto is in close proximity to wonderful destinations in Canada and the U.S., which we often taken advantage of by taking road trips and thus far our favorite road trip has been to Pittsburgh! 

What do you love about Toronto? What do you suggest I try out in Toronto?



7 thoughts on “I love Toronto

  1. This hurts my heart a little, being a native Houstonian, but I would probably feel the same specifically about being able to use public transportation easier. That must be nice!


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