Running Obession

Before moving back to Houston from Washington D.C., I picked up running as a hobby to stay in shape. Running is still my favorite hobby as this allows me to explore and keep active. As a child, I hated participating in active sports since I was always a slow runner and still am. However, when I run marathons I never have a time goal just a goal of completing the marathon. What keeps me determined the entire race is getting the beautiful medal at the finish line and not to mention, the big breakfast right after. 

In November 2008, I did my first half marathon in San Antonio. To date, I have completed more than 15 half marathons and 1 full marathon. My first full marathon, Disney World Marathon, was my favorite race that I have ever run.  I ran the Disney World Marathon  in 2010 with a few friends in Orlando.

If you have any aspiration to run a marathon, I would highly suggest the Disney World Marathon. The 26 miles are through 4 theme parks and even through the Cinderella Castle! Check out the video below that shows the entire course in less than 3 minutes! 

If you have decided to run based on my recommendation of running the Disney World Marathon stay tuned and I will share with you how you can go from 0 miles to 26 miles in no time! 

Here are some Pictures from the Disney World Marathon! 


Finish line picture. Focus on the medal!


Cinderella Castle – Mile 10



My friends and I at the start line


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