Bargain Shopping

For those that know me, I love shopping, but not just shopping, I love bargain shopping. I buy things if I see a good deal on it or if there is an extra discount applied. I rarely will purchase anything on regular price because as a marketer, I know stores will have promotions or the item will be discounted if I just wait patiently for a couple of weeks. If it still doesnt go on sale, I know that I can buy it online or get the item price matched at a store that honors price matching.

As someone in the Marketing field, I am pretty disappointed at myself because when I get a promotional offer in my email, I most often fall for them and purchase something even if I dont need it. Let me share some of my tips, good luck resisting buying unnecessary items! Below are tips for both my American and Canadian readers! 

1. Sign up for emails for the store you love. For example, if you love Bath and Body Works subscribe or sign up to receive promotional offers, every week you will be sent special offers that are targeted for email subscribers. 

2. Look into price matching policies at stores if you are at a store and attempting to purchase something full price. I know BestBuy has an amazing price match policy, we recently saved a few hundred dollars at BestBuy because of their price match policy!  Check out this link for more price matching policies in Canada. 

3. Visit Smartcanucks or Redflag Deals to find the best  deals for everything and anything in Canada. Smartcanucks is one of my favorite sites, I end up buying a whole lot of unnecessary items every week because of this!

4. Visit Slickdeals for the best deals in the U.S. on anything and everything. 

5. If you really need to buy something full price and you don’t have any email coupons, simply Google “xyz store coupons” on your smartphone and more than likely you will find a coupon or a promotional offer to use on your purchase. 

6. Use Retailmenot to search for deals and promotions at your favorite stores. There is also an app which is great! 

Enjoy splurging on unnecessary purchases! 

Do you have a favorite bargain website you regularly check? I would love to hear how you control yourself from buying random things you don’t need?? 

REceRecent unnecessary and random purchases

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