How to keep your U.S. Number in Canada

I have had my Houston 832 phone number for more than 13 years. There are many memories attached to this number, it has been my companion since the end of High School, to college days in Austin, Washington D.C, and now Toronto. My mom and I also have the same exact phone number with the exception of one digit. There was no way I was going to get rid of the 832 number after moving to a new Country.

I got a 416 number shortly after moving. I was certain that with Google’s help I could keep my 832 number. After researching and reading blogs I found a solution. Below are the steps, its simple! I am sure this can apply to any country! 

What I love about keeping my 832 number is that my family and friends don’t have to pay long distance charges to call me or I don’t have to pay to call them. Also, they don’t have to memorize or even add a new number to their phone! 

The way I kept my 832 number is by porting the number to Google Voice, essentially, Google is now my service provider.

1.) Port your number to Google, these steps are so simple. You will have to check if your number is eligible to port to Google, see screen shot below. There is a one time $20 charge to port your number to Google. 



2.) If you have a current contract and have some time before the contract expires, call your current U.S. carrier and notify them that you are moving/moved to a non-serviceable area. You will need to submit proof of your new address in Canada and a note explaining why you are cancelling. Doing this will help you avoid termination fees! 

– These steps can be done in any particular order, I sent in the note to T-Mobile before I ported the number to speed things up. 

After 5 days you will receive a notification from Google informing you that your number has successfully been ported and is ready to use. Once you get the confirmation, you have to download two Apps on your new phone or Ipad to use your old number: 

1.) To text: Download the Google Voice App – This App will allow you to  send and receive texts to any number. Pictures will be emailed to your Gmail account. You can also visit Google Voice to text from your computer. 

2.) To make voice calls: Download the Google Hangouts App- This App will allow you to make voice calls, video calls and even message. I think there is a way to text from this App too, however, I have not tried that yet.  

Tip: Ask the people that call you often from the U.S. to download the Google Hangouts App and they can also make free calls to you on your new foreign number. 

In order to receive message real time you have to be connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. 

Hope this helps! Message me if you need help configuring your old number to your new number!  


One thought on “How to keep your U.S. Number in Canada

  1. We did something similar to keep our US numbers while here in London. Our families love that they can call us on our US numbers and still reach us. And I like that I can still call them (while on wifi) and not get charged a thing 😀


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